Endorsements and Feedback

“I have recently been involved in a pre-packaged Administration which was ultimately to a connected party.
Whilst the application was made by the connected third party I had no hesitation in recommending the use of a Pre -Pack Pool Evaluator.
The connected party asked me to review the information prior to submission and it all appeared clear and straightforward. 
Within an hour  of the application being submitted a request for further  information was made.
Within 10 hours the report from the Evaluator was received which supported the transaction".
"This was a great turnaround and for us , a straightforward process and one which gave us confidence" .
Andrew Kelsall FCCA 
Licensed Insolvency Practitioner
Larking Gowen  

"FRP has used Pre Pack Pool on a number of occasions and found the process and experience to be positive, including the level of engagement, nature of questions asked and the timely turnaround. Internally, our recommendation is to use Pre Pack Pool."

Geoff Rowley - Partner - FRP

"I have used Pre Pack Pool on numerous occasions and have always found the service very efficient and professional, including the interaction with the Evaluator."

Neil Bennett - Director - Leonard Curtis Business Solutions Group