About the Pool

The Pool is an independent body of experienced business people set up in response to a series of recommendations contained in the Teresa Graham report on pre-packaged administrations. The Pool member will offer an opinion on the purchase of a business and/or its assets by connected parties to a company where a pre-packaged sale is proposed. Only one member of the Pool will deal with an application. If viewed favourably, the Pool member will issue a response to the effect that it is not in his/her opinion unreasonable to proceed.

Who are the Pool members?

  • David Abbott, MSc, FCA, AMCT
  • David Blair, MA, FCA, MBA, CF
  • Paddy Campbell, FCA
  • Dr. Simon Chapman, C Dir
  • Colin Coghlan, C Dir,FloD, MBA
  • Philip Gardner, BA (Hons), FCA, Cdir, DipM
  • Rodney Hare, FCA
  • Len Jones, BA (Hons), FCA, MBA, MSc
  • Philip Long, FCA
  • Kevin C Mouatt, C Dir
  • Jon Newell, FCA
  • David Newman, C Dir, MBA
  • Philip Oatley, FCA, BA (Hons)
  • Tim Rose, C Dir, MBA
  • Alec Sanderson, BA, C Dir, FBCS, CEng
  • Tony Sanderson, FCA, BA (Econ)
  • Philip Walter, BSc (Hons), CDir, FCMI
  • Tony Wilkinson, FCMA
  • Simon L Willis, C Dir, BSc

How do I find out more?

Please see our Q&As page for a detailed description of how the Pool works.

How do I make an application to the Pool?

If you're ready to make an application, please visit the online application form to submit your information.