Guidance documents

Applicants to the Pre Pack Pool should be able to provide the following information:

Old Company:
  • Name of Company
  • Company Number
  • Nature of Business
  • Details of Assets
  • Details of Liabilities
  • List of creditors and amounts owed
  • Details of any charges registered against the company
  • Number of staff
  • Valuations
New Company:
  • Company Name (where known)
  • Company Number (where known)
  • Names of Directors
  • Names of Directors’ other interests
  • Nature of connection to Old Co
  • Have the directors been involved in any previous pre-packaged administrations
Summary of events leading up to the current situation
Details of the offer to be made to the administrator
Steps taken to avoid administration and pre-pack
Who is disadvantaged / favoured?
Why is it necessary to undertake a pre-pack sale?

What is / will be different going forward?
Supporting Evidence:
  • Viability study/statement
  • Summary financial accounts / balance sheet
  • Statement of affairs / business statement
  • Business plans / forecasts
Documentary evidence
Personal Guarantees given for debts, funding and guarantee limits
Any other information you consider significant.