Guidance documents

Applicants to the Pre-Pack Pool should be able to provide the following information:

Old Company:
  • Name of Company
  • Company Number
  • Nature of Business
  • Details of Assets
  • Details of Liabilities
  • List of creditors and amounts owed
  • Details of any charges registered against the company
  • Number of staff
  • Valuations

New Company:
  • Company Name (where known)
  • Company Number (where known)
  • Names of Directors
  • Names of Directors’ other interests
  • List of all connected persons involved in the proposed purchase
  • Nature of connection to Old Co
  • Have the directors been involved in any previous pre-packaged administrations

Summary of events leading up to the current situation

Evidence of pre administration marketing

Details of the offer made to the administrator and why it has been made at that value

Steps taken to avoid administration and pre-pack

Who is disadvantaged / favoured?

Why is it necessary to undertake a pre-pack sale?

What is / will be different going forward?

Supporting Evidence:
  • Viability study/statement
  • Summary financial accounts / balance sheet
  • Statement of affairs / business statement
  • Business plans / forecasts
Documentary evidence

Details of any previous Evaluation Reports obtained

Personal Guarantees given for debts, funding and guarantee limits

Any other information you consider significant.