Why Choose The Pre-Pack Pool for your Evaluator?

Independence: The Pool is non-affiliated, its independence is guaranteed. Our automated “rota” system of appointments also ensures confidentiality.

Experienced professionals: All our Evaluators are qualified FCAs, Chartered Directors with high level posts in several industry sectors.

All have a wide variety of business experience and an average of 30yrs + experience at all levels of the corporate structure.

Proven system: With 5 years of development and refinement, our web based system is a proven operation. Applications are submitted completely online.

Service levels: We commit to a 48 hour turn around and usually complete well under . We have a dedicated help line via email to assist with enquiries or submission difficulties should they arise.

Value for money: At £1600.00 + VAT we have a fixed price tariff.

Supported by: RPBs such as IPA, ICAEW plus R3 and creditor bodies BPF & CICM

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